Urban Accents Kodiak Salmon Rub 1.9 OZ
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Urban Accents Kodiak Salmon Rub 1.9 OZ

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Urban Accents Kodiak Salmon Rub is a coarse blend of cumin, oregano, chili pepper and spices gives a burst of flavor to your salmon, tilapia, cod, chicken, pork roasts and grilled veggies. It also is a great flavor enhancer for bold marinades when combined with lemon juice and olive oil. Try it in tacos, fajitas and anywhere you might use a Southwestern Cumin infused Spice Blend. This Potlatch inspired blend is also great when grilling wild game. Use 1 Tbsp per lb. of salmon, white fish or meat. Finish with a squeeze of lemon or drizzle of honey. This blend is NON GMO Project verified.