Curious Spoon Garam Masala 1.3 OZ
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Curious Spoon Garam Masala 1.3 OZ

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Garam Masala is a celebration of Indian cuisine as a significant spice blend found in nearly all curry dishes. It delivers bold, warm, and sharp flavors by blending a variety of spices such as cinnamon, coriander, cumin, cloves, and ground black pepper.

“Garam masala,” meaning “hot spice” in Hindi, is most popular in Northern India where meals that will warm you from the inside out are cherished during cold winters. Although not as prevalent, it’s also used throughout Pakistan and Iran, resulting in a variety of recipes among different regions and between individuals. Garam Masala is such a meaningful part of Indian cuisine that it’s often considered a rite of passage for young cooks to blend their own garam masala mixes.

This rich and warming spice blend undoubtedly shines in traditional dishes like tikka masalas, curries, and Indian butter chicken. However, you can get creative and explore other ways to use this tasty blend such as adding it to sour cream or yogurt to create a unique dipping sauce or melting it with butter for a flavorful marinade.