Badia Andrew Zimmern Tuscan Seasoning 2 OZ
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Badia Andrew Zimmern Tuscan Seasoning 2 OZ

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Tuscan Sun All-Purpose Seasoning is a blend with the flavors of Italy. This blend is filled with basil, oregano, garlic, shallot, spices, and herbs. Use it as a marinade for seafood, chicken, or pork, in salad dressings, or in a homemade pasta sauce. Tuscan Sun All-Purpose Seasoning has freeze dried vegetables that enhance the quality of your food. The aroma and flavor of this blend will wake up the taste of your favorite tomato-based recipes, sauces, bread and roasted vegetables. It can even be sprinkled on your favorite pizza and burgers! This seasoning is a delicious addition to your pantry, it is a kitchen essential! With incredible flavor and performance in the kitchen, these blends will transform your cooking. “After decades exploring culture through food, I’m sharing flavors from the road that will transform your everyday cooking. These all-purpose spice blends capture the essence of my favorite cuisines around the world.” Andrew Zimmern