Badia Andrew Zimmern Mexican Fiesta 4.5 OZ
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Badia Andrew Zimmern Mexican Fiesta 4.5 OZ

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A robust spice blend celebrating the flavors of Mexico with dried ancho, guajillo, and chipotle chili peppers. This seasoning is combined with annatto seed, onion, garlic, spices, and herbs. Use it as a base for chili, menudo, barbacoa, as a marinade, or add to any sauté dish for a Latin kick. It is great for tacos and fajitas. Mexican Fiesta All-Purpose Seasoning will make cooking so much fun, it will allow you to cook with confidence knowing each jar is packed with flavor! The fine texture of this blend increases its versatility, even allowing you use it to season your popcorn! Perfect for so many recipes, the aroma and flavor of this blend will transform your meals. With incredible flavor and performance in the kitchen, these blends will transform your cooking. “After decades exploring culture through food, I’m sharing flavors from the road that will transform your everyday cooking. These all-purpose spice blends capture the essence of my favorite cuisines around the world.” Andrew Zimmern